RGSG Muscat

About Us

Welcome to RGSG Muscat

With the combination of over 500 years of academic excellence and a deep cultural understanding of the region, RGSG Muscat offers our students a future-ready, world-class education. Our team of teachers and support staff are highly motivated and dedicated to enabling each student realise their aspirations and dreams.

We aim to become the school of choice for the compassionate and ethical leaders of tomorrow, who have the will to act for collective wellbeing and sustainable development.

Wellbeing is at the heart of our community, and we will offer a safe environment in which our students will thrive. Students and staff alike will embody our core values of inclusivity, scholarship, integrity, respect, courage and collaboration.

RGSG Muscat is a member of an innovative and close-knit network of international schools, all of which offer an outstanding education. Our students will benefit from the expertise of other RGSG international schools, including RGSG Qatar and RGSG Dubai, as well as the other Sama’s schools across the Middle East and the Gulf region.

Our Values

RGSG Muscat is a kind, inclusive, understanding community where diverse opportunities, personal development, high achievement and collaborative partnership define who we are – and in which our values underpin all we do.

We are loyal to the founding principles of RGS Guildford to educate bright Omani and international students irrespective of background or financial circumstances, and we inherently believe in establishing a culture of diversity and acceptance, and in educating our students in a welcoming, understanding community, in which each individual is valued and enjoys a deep sense of belonging.


We encourage the growth of intellectual curiosity, independence, creativity, innovation and habits of learning within a stimulating, challenging and supportive community, through inspirational educators who provoke and stretch students, and promote a lifelong spirit of inquiry, investigation, exploration and achievement.


We promote the development of self-discipline, responsibility, spirituality and a personal moral code, enabling students to make informed and wise choices. We cultivate an ethos where enduring qualities of decency, honesty, courtesy, humility and good humour are celebrated.


We nurture an atmosphere of mutual respect between all members of our community, and foster self-respect and self-esteem in terms of physical health, emotional maturity and personal well-being, enabling students to establish lasting friendships in a positive, happy environment.


We develop leadership, teamwork, resilience and life skills through a diverse range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities where all students, regardless of their talents and attributes, are encouraged to challenge themselves, take appropriate risks, stand up for what they believe is right, and strive to achieve their aspirations and dreams.


We work closely with others for mutual enrichment, and encourage a spirit of generosity and sharing, a sense of perspective, and a firm belief that we can collaborate with others, locally and internationally, to make a difference and have a positive impact on society.

Our Learning Spaces

RGSG Muscat has engaged leading designers, architects and academics to develop the campus as a cutting-edge environment, using materials, technology and equipment that enhance learning. The team have combined to create unique learning spaces designed specifically for RGSG Muscat, reflecting Oman’s culture and heritage.

Our modern and vibrant school will feature specially designed spaces to nurture and support our student’s individual talents within an exceptional learning environment. In particular, we have three amazing learning spaces in our school: