RGSG Muscat


Admission Fees
Application feeA non‐refundable and non-transferable Application Fee of OMR 100 is due before the admissions Evaluation Session 1.
Enrolment Fee (deductible)Once a student is accepted, a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of OMR 350 is due.
This fee is deducted from the Tuition Fee for the First Term.
Payment of this fee confirms your acceptance of the offer of the place.
Endowment FeeOnce the student is accepted, a one-time, non‐refundable Endowment Fee of OMR 500 is due.
Re-Enrolment Fee (deductible)A non-refundable re-enrolment fee of OMR 350 for each student is due each year to secure a seat for the following academic year. It should be paid according to the Payment Schedule. This fee is deducted from the Tuition Fee for the First Term of the following year.

1. For 2024-25, the Endowment Fee is reduced to Zero OMR (100% discount) as part of our Founding Family Incentive.

Tuition Fees (OMR): Academic Year 2024-25
GradeAnnual Tuition FeeTerm 1Term 2Term 3
Foundation 13,3001,3201,320660
Foundation 23,3001,3201,320660
Grades 14,0501,6201,620810
Grades 24,0501,6201,620810
Grades 34,0501,6201,620810
Grades 44,0501,6201,620810
Grades 54,0501,6201,620810
Grades 64,0501,6201,620810
Payment Schedule

This payment schedule applies to students joining the school in September 2023.

InstalmentsDue date of payment
Term 11 st  week of September 2024
Term 21 st  week of December 2024
Term 31 st  week of March 2025
Re-Enrolment fee for August 2025 – 261 st  week of January 2025