RGSG Muscat

Our Founding Head

Justin Durling, a highly-recognised educator, has been appointed as Founding Head of Royal Grammar School Guildford, Muscat – he’s looking forward to leading us as we open our doors for founding families.

Justin has nearly two decades of experience working at schools across the globe, including in Egypt, Malaysia, and Ecuador. Before joining us here at Royal Grammar School Guildford, Muscat, he worked as the Founding Principal at Stonyhurst International School in Penang, Malaysia – his time at international schools has given him a wealth of valuable skills and expertise which he’s bringing with him to Oman.

Here at Royal Grammar School Guildford, Muscat, we offer our students a challenging yet holistic British curriculum, designed to embody the spirit and values of Royal Grammar School Guildford in the UK. While our curriculum is based on the English curriculum, it’s been specially adapted and developed to meet the traditions of life here in Oman. During his time working at international schools, Justin has worked with a range of curriculum structures, including the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the International Primary Curriculum, which will help him to navigate our own curriculum and ensure our students can reach their full potential.

Justin’s approach to leadership reflects our school’s key values, which are inclusivity, scholarship, integrity, respect, courage, and collaboration. These values underpin everything we do, and how we create a safe educational environment for all of our students. As well as reflecting the standards of our network sister schools, we aim to help our students to become global citizens with our state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, specially-designed spaces – and most importantly, the expertise of our leadership team.

Working closely with the local and international communities of Oman, and our network of sister schools, Justin will ensure that all of our students get the high-quality education to be expected from a Royal Grammar School Guildford school.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our first students this September. To find out more about our school, and to register your child’s place at Royal Grammar School Guildford, Muscat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.